Hurricane Sandy Pics (before)

Hurricane Sandy has somehow managed to open up my busy schedule. With my office closed tomorrow and no place to go, I suddenly have time to blog! Better enjoy it before the power goes and this ish gets real. Although I did not get to make my famous Hurricane Ribs, I did go for a walk today to catch some pre storm scenes, if you are interested (no food in this post, lo siento).

Evacuation of NY Downtown Hospital

Insanity at the grocery store

Closing the subway

and boarding it up

Also boarding up the windows

Reporters & po

Contemplating Sandy

Steam building up from boarding off the subway ventilation

Still a decent fall day

Squirrel isn’t worried…

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2 Responses to Hurricane Sandy Pics (before)

  1. Sasha

    Gorgeous photos! Where did you take this lovely walk?

    • Katy

      Thanks! It was around batter park / financial district.

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