NYC Food Bloggers at Agozar!

Hello friends – hope you fared well through the storm. I was without power since Monday. After a couple nights without a hot shower or a proper meal, I caved and decided to flee lower manhattan. I am happy to be back home and my thoughts are with those who were less fortunate.

A couple weeks ago, the NYC Food Bloggers had an event at Agozar! Cuban Bistro. We enjoyed sangria and a LARGE variety of tapas.

I love that the restaurant was owned by a brother & sister duo, Diana & Gerardo. They were so kind to us and really made us feel at home.

We started off with a cocktail and plantain chips – amazing. After I finished one basked, I switched seats so I could pick off another.

Then we moved onto Alambre, grilled shrimp with mole poblano.

Beef floutas with salsa verde and crema nata

Rellenitos – green plantains with guacamole

Milanesa – crispy eggplant with goat cheese & tomato sofrito

The tapas kept coming until the bloggers begged for mercery! We also go to try quesadillas, croquetes, mahi mahi escabeche and much more.

Overall, I loved Agozar! I can’t wait to go back…I was especially eyeing their brunch.

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