NYC Food Bloggers at Orient Express Cocktail Bar

The NYC Food Bloggers recently paid a visit to Orient Express Cocktail Bar in the West Village.

Although the lighting does not lend well to photos, this atmosphere is perfect for a date. The restaurant is decorated to make you feel that you are in a romantic train car.

Orient Express’s best feature is their cocktails: they are unique and burst with flavor but still maintain an old school feel. I started off by enjoying the “Danube”, a drink with vodka, lime juice, mint, cucumber soda. If you know me, you know this is my perfect cocktail. Not to sweet but perfectly crisp.

We also go to try “La Gare”, bourbon, orgeat reduction and rosemary infused vermouth. The bartenders choice, as Alexandra accurately described, was “reminiscent of a Bloody Mary, sans heartburn“. HA…none the less, quite tasty.

I also got to try a sip of Mike’s root beer cocktail. I love that he orders them at bars to see if they can meet his challenge. I may have to take this up ;)

The great drinks were complimented perfectly by a variety of appetizers. I should not be allowed to be have alcohol and snack together. If I were alone, I probably would have eaten them all.

In addition to the traditional fruit and cheese, we devoured some hummus, roasted red peppers stuffed with goat cheese…

…and a charcuterie plate with bayonne ham, duck mousse, country pate, pastirma, and saucisson sec.

Overall, Orient Express Cocktail Bar is a great place to bring a date and enjoy a drink.

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  1. Sasha

    That charcuterie plate was the bomb.

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