RecipeCan Recipes for Wordpress

This is the WordPress plugin that we use to manage all of the recipes on the RecipeCan Blog. It allows any WordPress blogger to post, edit, and browse recipes and photos. The plugin is free and open source.

When you use this plugin a copy of your recipes will be stored on with links to your blog for users to check out. RecipeCan will also feature the most popular recipes on it's homepage.

Wordpress Page


To install the plugin just login to your blog's admin area and find the section called "Plugins". From there find the add new plugin section and do a search for "RecipeCan". Install the plugin and follow the directions. In about 30 seconds you’ll be posting recipes.

If you need help with the installation please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

Using the Plugin

RecipeCan Wordpress Admin Menu

After you install the plugin you will need to setup your RecipeCan account. You can do that via the plugin, just follow the directions. Once you have signed up you will gain access to a RecipeCan menu in your Wordpress admin area. This area allows you to add, edit, and upload your recipes and photos.

Inserting Recipes into Posts

The real power of the RecipeCan Wordpress plugin is the ability to create and insert recipes directory into your blog posts.

RecipeCan Wordpress Editor

Once you click the RecipeCan button a menu will pop up. This menu will allow you to insert your recipes into your post or create a new recipe from your post.

RecipeCan Wordpress Insert Dialog

Creating a recipe will display a form asking for all of the usual recipe information. Click the save button at the bottom to add the recipe into your post. If you are uploading a photo you may have to wait a few minutes for the photo to upload.

RecipeCan Wordpress Add Recipe

When you insert your recipe into a post it will show as "[your-recipe-will-show-here ...]". This will automatically be converted to your recipe when you are viewing the post on your blog (not in your admin area/editor).

RecipeCan Wordpress Short Tag


We are looking for features to add. If you have any ideas please let us know.